Concrete Installation & Repair Service

Concrete Installation & Repair Service

Bristol Asphalt Paving Pros is proud to provide concrete construction for both residential and commercial projects in Bristol, TN and the surrounding areas. Concrete is lauded for its variety and durability. We work closely with our customers to ensure they get just what they envision from the concrete pour. With correct prep work, and a sturdy sub base, you’ll have concrete surfaces you can rely on and that boost curb appeal.

Your Bristol Concrete Contractors!

Our fully licensed concrete contractor in Bristol, TN offers pour concrete for all kinds of purposes. We have a wide range of services that we are sure will meet your needs. Call us for a free estimate for your commercial or home concrete project:

We offer no-hassle, free consultations and estimates, so you can compare quotes without stress. If you are not sure what paving material you want for your next paving project, our estimator is happy to discuss the pros and cons of both asphalt and concrete with you, so you get the perfect outcome for your paving projects.

The Advantages of Concrete

Concrete is one of the oldest materials used for paving. It is highly reliable and requires little maintenance. While it is more expensive than asphalt to install, it pays off in being longer lasting and becoming stronger as it ages. Both asphalt and concrete have their advantages, and we are happy to discuss which might be best for your new driveway or parking lot!

Properly installed concrete driveways, roads, and parking lots are a durable option with several benefits. We do a fantastic job on the entire process of installing concrete – from site preparation, to removing air pockets, to overseeing the concrete cure. Concrete is lighter in color than asphalt, and thus absorbs less heat from sunlight, which keeps it cooler. A new concrete driveway can last for 30-40 years with minimal maintenance.

We have an experienced team of concrete contractors who know what it takes to successfully lay down a long-lasting concrete surface. We work on both smaller jobs and larger projects and look forward to helping with all your concrete needs. Give our concrete professionals a call today to schedule your free estimate!

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Concrete Roads

When you want a long-lasting road that can handle heavy traffic without cracking, ask us about concrete! Our crews can help pave private roads and residential streets. We work with homeowners associations, property owners, and municipal clients to pave durable road surfaces they can rely on.

Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete can be poured over dirt, old concrete, or an existing gravel parking lot. If you want a special look for your company’s parking lot, ask us about the many different colors, options, and finishes available! Concrete can be stamped, or have stones rolled in the top layer to provide a unique look.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are a low-maintenance driveway paving option. Homeowners can choose a finish that matches their house’s aesthetic by choosing stamped designs. It is a popular driveway material for southern climates, where it handles harsh sun better than asphalt.

What makes concrete different from other paving options?

Concrete has more upfront costs than asphalt, but can last longer with less maintenance. It is ideal for southern climates, where it can absorb UV rays without softening. In northern climates, concrete is more susceptible to damage from winter salt and buckling.

Repairing concrete is more difficult than repairing asphalt, but with concrete resurfacing, minor cracks, holes and pitting will be removed and you’ll have an entirely fresh driving surface.

Concrete is easy to customize. Stamped concrete is a popular choice with many homeowners. Unlike asphalt, concrete can be colored, brushed, and customized in many ways.