Excavation and Grading

Professional Grading and Excavation Services

Bristol Asphalt Paving Pros is proud to provide the Bristol area with excellent asphalt paving, pavement repair, grading and excavating services. Excavation contractors are a crucial part of any construction or renovation project. We assist with the entire project, offering excavation, grading, and clearing for both residential and commercial projects. Our excavating contractors are equipped to handle projects of any size, and look forward to helping with all your grading and excavation needs.

How Our Excavation Company Can Help!

Our excavating contractor works with general contractors and property managers to provide excellent lot clearing, site development and asphalt paving. We can help prepare land for underground utility lines. Or provide water runoff and drainage control. We also offer resurfacing and milling and overlay.

Excavation Services We Provide

An excavation contractor can help provide a smooth start for your construction project. Our professional excavation contractors will get the work done correctly. We have been in the construction industry for years and understand precisely what needs to be done and will handle the excavation process with care.

Excavation work includes water runoff and proper drainage solutions. Prepare for excessive rains and keep your home and business safe and dry. Our work will help prevent any flooding or water accumulation on your property by preparing land for storm sewer collection systems.

We are fully equipped with the necessary heavy machinery for digging trenches and other projects. When an underground utility needs to be laid, call us to dig the trenches! We can also prepare your yard for swimming pool installation.

Our Asphalt Paving Services

In addition to grading and excavating, we offer the following paving services! Whatever home improvement, commercial asphalt, or construction projects you have coming up, we look forward to helping with all your grading and paving needs. Our services include:

Whatever plans for repaving, improving, or expanding you have, our excavating contractor can help you achieve it. By digging up and hauling away old pavement, preparing land for underground utilities, or leveling a site for future paving, our crew is ready to help project managers in Bristol and the surrounding area break ground for their future plans.


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Site Development

Whether you’re looking to accommodate sewers for a future building, prepare land for an underground utility, or clear land for a construction site, our excavation contractor has the equipment to handle your site preparation and excavation project.

Milling/Tear Out

Sometimes to repair extensive damage, a paving project needs to start from scratch. We provide milling and demolition for existing driveways, parking lots, and roads. Removing the existing pavement allows us to start fresh and pave a brand-new, reliable asphalt surface.

Foundation Preparation

We start our asphalt paving with site leveling. This essential step in the construction process ensures your pavement has a solid foundation. Asphalt that has been paved on a properly graded, compacted, and level base lasts longer and drains water properly.